Successful execs foresee change, reskill to be on top

Sharpen Domain Knowledge To Add Value, Remain Relevant Gone are the days when one passed out of college, joined an organisation and happily retired from there. Professional lifespan of individuals and even organisations have shortened when they fail to anticipate change and adjust themselves against headwinds. The trend will become stronger with the advent of a world of jobs, which is getting rapidly transformed by the future of work. Technology powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are…

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Making An Impression

Making an Impression By Moeena Halim Mumbai Mirror | Updated: Apr 13, 2018, 12.00 AM IST Etiquette expert Sabira Merchant on acquiring the skills that will set teenagers apart as adults. For over a decade, theatre and film personality Sabira Merchant has been the guru of grooming and etiquette. She recently began working with young adults and teenagers to teach them the skills to transform them into “savvy personalities”. When parents attending her communication, grooming and etiquette workshop suggested she conduct the sessions…

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10 Basic Rights of an Employee in India

Ten basic rights of an employee in India 1. Leave is the right of all employees  Generally, an employee is given the following leaves during the course of his or her employment: Casual Leave: This is provided to an employee to take care of urgent or unseen matters like a family emergency; for example, employees can apply for casual leave to attend a parent-teacher meeting called for by their child’s school. Sick Leave: Sick leave is provided when an employee gets sick. Privilege…

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How to File a Revised Income Tax Return?

Before you file your revised ITR, ensure that you have with you the date of filling of your original ITR along with the associated acknowledgement number. Step 1: Login to the official e-filing website of the I-T department by visiting the link Step 2: In the dashboard, choose the relevant form and assessment year for which you are filing your revised ITR. Step 3: Open the original excel file which has your original ITR and choose the option of revised…

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Do’s and Don’ts of Transacting Online

DO’S AND DON’TS OF TRANSACTING ONLINE Transacting Online The spread of online transactions has brought along unscrupulous entities to defraud people on the web. At times such attempts result into monetary loss. Here are some precautions one should practice while transacting online. Use updated firewall, antivirus and antispyware softwares on your computer. Encrypt the wireless connections used at home Create strong passwords which is tough to guess. Usually people use their date of birth, surname, place of residence etc. in passwords. Try…

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How to Check TDS Deduction ?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]How To Check TDS Deduction: * The TDS deducted can be checked quarterly by visiting the income tax e-filing website. * Login to the income tax filing website using your login and password. * Click on the View Form 26 AS tab on the right. This will direct you to TRACES website. * To download the Form 26As from the TRACES website you have click on Tax Credit (Form 26As option). * Form 26As can also be downloaded by PAN holders…

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Can a tattoo get me in trouble at work?

Can a tattoo get me in trouble at work?  Work and tattoos is not a match made in heaven. Maybe because they started as bastion of the marginalized: gypsies, freak shows, criminals and the non- conformists. A few Research Center study found that 76 percent of respondents feel tattoos and piercings hurt an applicant’s chances of being hired during a job interview. And 39 percent of those surveyed believe employees with tattoos and piercings reflect poorly on their employers. I INK,…

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Help Prevent Burnout on Your Team:

Help Prevent Burnout on Your Team Burnout is rarely an individual phenomenon; fixing and preventing it requires leadership. You can help your team thrive by implementing the following advice. WATCH FOR WARNING SIGNS The signs of burnout are obvious in some people but subtle in others. Keep n eye out for tiredness, lack of focus, depressed mood, hostility, and expressions of hopelessness. Regularly check in with team members to gauge their physical, cognitive and emotional energy. SET LIMITS ON WORKLOADS…

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Managing Yourself : Do you hate your Boss ?

Managing Yourself : Do you hate you Boss ? What are the “bad” bosses doing? Frequently cited grievances include micromanaging, bullying, avoiding conflict, ducking decisions, stealing credit, shifting blame, hoarding information, failing to listen, setting a poor example, slacking, and developing staff. Such dysfunctional behaviour would make anyone unhappy and unproductive. However, whatever sins your boss commits, managing your relationship with him or her is a critical part of your job. The first step is to consider the external pressures your…

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Humility will decide your next increment

Companies make being humble key behavioural trait in Performance Management System : Blowing your own trumpet at workplace may no longer get you an extra point on your performance sheet, so just turn down the volume a bit. A flashy and braggado-cio behaviour , which may have helped boost an individual’s career, is unlikey to win many friends in office. Humility is making a quiet entry as one of the virtues at work places with some companies including it as…

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