Humility will decide your next increment

Companies make being humble key behavioural trait in Performance Management System :

Blowing your own trumpet at workplace may no longer get you an extra point on your performance sheet, so just turn down the volume a bit. A flashy and braggado-cio behaviour , which may have helped boost an individual’s career, is unlikey to win many friends in office. Humility is making a quiet entry as one of the virtues at work places with some companies including it as a key behavioural trait in the performance management system.

Companies may not strictly rate or measure humility among employees, but they do encourage imbibing the virtue.  “ Being humble is a much more peaceful state to be in. Pride and arrogance mask insecurities and worries. Not being humble could be a manifestation of the concerns and insecurities of a place that one wants to be”.

The fondness for the virtue comes from the realisation that humility does not undermine an individuals assertiveness to realise his or her goals. Organisations are increasingly giving equal weightage to both hard goals as well as soft behaviours.

Awareness sessions are conducted to spread the significance of humility. Employees are informed how practising humility can shape one’s career. “ We acknowledge the stewardship of our employees within this realm of our values. We welcome confidence. But confidence along with egotism, which destroys humility, is uncalled for . Humility is highly rated and various means are adopted to inculcate it.

Courtesy : TOI – Nov 23 ‘2016

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