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Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Trademark / Service Mark
• What is a Trademark
• How do you coin a Trademark
• Types of Trade Marks
• Features of the Trademark Act 1999
• Application of a Trademark
• Opposition of a Trademark
• Advertisement of the marks
• Registrars issuance of the Trade Mark certificate
• It validity, how changes are to be made etc.
• Classification of goods
• Assignment and Licensing of a Trademark
• Spurious goods with examples
The New TM Rues which has come into force in March 2017 will be discussed in details.

• What is a Copyright
• How do you get a Copyright
• Where do you register your Copyright
• Is registration compulsory
• Application of a Copyright
• Registrars issuance of the Copyright certificate
• It validity changes to be made etc.
• Remix music and violation
• Incidental issues does it amount to copyright
• Downloading music from the net
• Take photos available on the Internet for your use
• Using background music for a commercial
• Exceptions to the infringement of copyright.

Trademark or Copyright -which one should you choose and why Practical case laws on Trade Marks and Copyrights

Trade Secrets
• Application & importance a Trade Secre t
• Confidentialit y Agreements / Secrecy Agreements
• Practical applicability of Trade Secrets

Geographical Indications (GI)
• Definition &importance of a Geographical Indications
• How do you take advantage of GI

• Briefly shall cover what is a Patent
• Types and tenure of Patent
What inventions are patentable

Designs Act
Application & Importance of a Design Registration

Focus would be more on High Court judgments to give the participants the correct legal standing on judgments today.

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