What does it mean to be Mature ?

What does it mean to be Mature ?

What are the signs of maturity ? Do you need to work to acquire maturity or does it come naturally as you grow up ?


Each of us has a responsibility to attain maturity and self –awareness as we grow up. Some mature early in life, others never mature, even as they age. Yes, maturity is not a natural consequence of growing up. Age cannot guarantee maturity. What can ensure that you achieve a mature outlook  to life is –  a willingness to learn from your experiences , having the flexibility to change and adapt, and the large – heartedness to respect the differences and viewpoints of others.

Maturity can be learned rather than acquired. It is a discipline rather than a trait. It is a sign of intelligence when you learn to respond to your environment in a mature and responsible manner.

A mature person knows when to stop arguing. She understands that trying to win arguments with those you love is self – defeating. She respects others point of view but  goes by her own considered ones. She knows that the journey is to be enjoyed and lived, while the destination is just another place to reach, rest awhile and then move on. She does not indulge in comparisons and is at peace with herself.

A mature person will take responsibility for his actions rather than blame others. He will take a far- sighted view of things and act in consideration, rather than a spontaneous manner. He is non-judgemental and learns to accept people as they are and brings change only within himself.

“ Emotional maturity means being centered in yourself instead of being self-centered”.

Maturity is the art of being responsible for your actions, being sensitive and considerate towards others and having the ability to change and adapt to circumstances.

An emotionally –mature person is always adding value to himself and those around. He is able to understand and manage his own emotions. He maintains a calm exterior and understands that vision, planning and empathy are critical tools of a life we lived. You are emotionally mature when you take the responsibility for your own happiness, when you plan your own goals and define your own success, when you develop great coping skills, and adopt a tolerant, empathic view of others. Without being delusional you are optimistic in a realistic manner and take charge of your own life.

“ Maturity comes when you stop making excuses, and start making changes.”

Courtesy :  Times Life – May 29 ‘2016