Advanced Business Communication

The ability to communicate is the most powerful resource for succeeding in business and personal life

This workshp is bespoked to individuals within a company who would like to develop their advanced communication skills in this key component of management and leadership.

It is the one skill that team members say they prize over all others: the ability to communicate messages in all circumstances and situations, and identify where it can and often does go wrong. The way people need communicating with depends on their learning style, their preferences for taking in information and their ability to filter the incorrect information from the correct.

The programme goes beyond what most courses cover in terms of communication skills, and highlights those 21st century techniques that get real results in the work environment.

You will learn how other people think and compute information, so you’ll be able to effectively personalise communication in the best way for the receivers and for yourself.

Our workshop will provide advanced communication skills course for those who want better results with people in diverse, high-intensity, collaborative work environments.

  • How we build relationships with others
  • How we become confident communicators ourselves
  • What impact verbal and non-verbal information has on people’s understandings of our messages
  • How to see hear and feel others’ representational systems
  • How we can see others’ points of view and understand the
  • How we can be assertive and co-operative in our approaches with people
  • Why Communication Goes Wrong
  • Rules Of Effective Communication
  • Techniques To Communicate With People On Their Level
  • Tailoring Your Communications Via What You See And Hear
  • Achieving Excellent Feedback Standards
  • Engaging in extensive conversations, presentations and telephone calls
  • Improving the professional image of your company
  • Ensuring greater understanding from listeners
  • Improving Voice Quality, Texture and Tone
  • Being more confident and effective, both socially and professionally
  • Tips On How To Give Feedback That Works
  • Action Planning & Effectively Working With Advanced Communication In The Workplace

Practice Exercises:

  • Reading exercises to practice pronunciation, inflection and enunciation
  • Spoken communication exercises (extempore and presentations) to practice elements of rate of speech, pausing, inflection and tone of voice
  • Individual and group activities that enable participants to practice their learning
  • Assignments that help enhance learning beyond the classroom sessions

• Fees: Rs. 9500/- +18 % GST per person.

• Please write to Call -022 66976892/74

• Mention the name of participant, company, contact details.

• Fees includes lunch, tea, course material etc.

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