Princeton Academy recognizes that talent development, management and retention are all key to an organization’s success in challenging and competitive times. Whether you are seeking to close skills gaps to help solve organizational challenges, keep your team’s skills up to date or meet employees’ needs, there is something for everyone.

Why Princeton Academy inhouse training?

From knowledge transfer in specific areas to setting up your individual skills that improves the quality of management and leadership in your organization, Princeton Academy has the broad skills and expertise to work closely with you to implement the development measures best suited to your requirements:-

Trusted training provider for more than 20 years now

Our Training Programs are rooted in Reality. We speak the participants’ language. Not a Trainer’s.

Programs can be designed to meet your specific training and development needs by working closely with you to identify skill and knowledge gaps or to customize our existing programs to meet your needs..

Choose the time and place that works best for you in order to ensure employee participation with minimal disruption of work.

In today’s economy it is essential for companies to minimize expenses and maximize their resources. Custom training programs can deliver the necessary training for more employees and eliminate the additional costs for travel and lodging.

programs are delivered by qualified industry professionals who are highly rated, experienced instructors

We cater to participants from various regions including-

  • India
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • Srilanka, Bhutan & Bangladesh.
  • South East Asian countries.

Training for all levels of employees

The process includes understanding the training needs, Pre – Training Analysis, suitable structuring of the programs, selection of the relevant expert from the pool of talent, Post Training Assessments.

It provides uniformity in skill set as per the company specifications.

It has resulted in successful interventions & satisfied clients.

It helps team learning across departments.

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