PrincetonA helps brands with different aspects of their social media marketing strategy by deploying result-driven services –

Social strategy

Content production

Community management

Paid social advertising

Influencer marketing, etc.


Initial brief

An intense brainstorm session,

Come up with unique ideas for various social platforms.

After the launch we test, measure and optimize.

We uses community managers to represent your brand,

Keep the page filled with fresh content

Actively participate in conversations with followers.

Review engagement and follower growth at the end of every month.

Multilingual social media management services offered


In-house copywriters,


video pros,

project managers, and

in-house technology,

We understand the digital landscape very well.

Work in collaboration and with a close working relationship with our clients.

7 Steps Approach

The agency follows seven steps when creating a social media marketing strategy for your firm:

  1. Defining your objectives – define your KPIs to set clear goals for your social media marketing strategy
  2. Defining your target audience – the demographic and geographic data of your target group
  3. Analyzing your competition – the online presence of your competitors and marketing measures they already have implemented
  4. Choosing the best platforms – the most profitable social media platforms to advertise your product. Platforms include Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook
  5. Creating content – informing about different formats to use for posting your content. You could also take advantage of their content creation services
  6. Success monitoring
  7. Next steps – what steps you need to take for social media success