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01/03/2024 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM 1 3835

Using Microsoft Outlook & Planner


Effective email management is crucial for individuals and organizations alike. By implementing strategies and utilizing tools like Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Planner, users can take numerous benefits in their email management practices. 

Microsoft Planner complements Outlook’s email management capabilities by providing a dedicated platform for task management and collaboration. Users can create and assign tasks, set due dates, and track progress within Planner’s intuitive interface. By integrating Planner with Outlook, users can easily convert emails into actionable tasks, ensuring that important action items are not overlooked. 

By leveraging the combined power of Outlook and Planner, individuals and teams can achieve greater efficiency, improved organization, and enhanced productivity in managing their emails and tasks. 

This program will equip participants with the tools and techniques needed to optimize email management using Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Planner. By leveraging the capabilities of these software applications, participants will experience improved efficiency, enhanced organization, effective collaboration, better prioritization, and increased productivity in their daily work routines. 

Email Organization and Filtering 

  • Creating rules and filters to automate email 
  • Utilizing folders, labels, and tags effectively 
  • Managing email conversations and threads 

Advanced Features of Microsoft Outlook 

  • Customizing the Outlook interface for enhanced productivity 
  • Keyboard shortcuts and time-saving tricks 
  • Integrating Outlook with other Microsoft applications 

Introduction to Microsoft Planner 

  • Microsoft Planner features and benefits 
  • Creating and managing tasks and to-do lists 
  • Assigning tasks and tracking progress 
  • Collaborating with teams using Planner 

Integrating Outlook and Planner 

  • Syncing Outlook tasks with Planner 
  • Managing Planner tasks within the Outlook interface 
  • Leveraging Planner boards and charts for visual task management 

Advanced Techniques for Email Management 

  • Dealing with email overload and managing inbox zero 
  • Utilizing advanced search functions 
  • Integrating calendar and task management within Outlook