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05/07/2024 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM Online 3835

“Empower Your Presentations: Unlocking the Art of Impactful Communication.”


Make a lasting Impact in your organization with templates, customizations and graphics that impress and engage your audience. Up your skills by learning Best practices and how to create custom slides with Advanced Transitions and Animations.

Regardless of your design or technical capabilities, this training will empower you to captivate your audience by using beautiful built-in themes, animation features and a professional presentation.

  • Explain the role of slides in a presentation
  • Apply the principles of professional presentation design
  • Construct and develop compelling visual slides for maximum audience engagement
  • Design and build slides effectively and efficiently for multiple uses.

What you learn in the advanced PowerPoint training

Course Content

  • Tool navigation, application, & productivity hacks Right from the very beginning we will be taking you through how to navigate PowerPoint more efficiently and effectively using crafty shortcuts and lesser-known tricks. Increasing the speed of your workflow and confidence within PowerPoint.
  • Visualisation  Why it works, how it works, and how you can harness the power of visual mind-control to turn tiresome data and uninspiring walls of text into engaging visuals and compelling stories.
  • Layout and design  We combine theory with easy-to-remember tips enabling you to create well-designed layouts that assist the audience in information assimilation. No design degree required.
  • Advanced tools A deep-dive into the underside of PowerPoint, exploring the hidden tools that will help you wrest control over all things visual and give you the ability to develop your own unique elements and iconography.
  • Showing data effectively  Creating, editing, animating, and presenting both live and non-live charts, graphs & infographics in a way that will help your audience to understand and retain the information.
  • Animation will show you how to increase audience attention and eliminate distractions with compelling and well thought out use of animation. From the basics of identifying types of animation, through to advanced multi-stacking, we even show you how to make best use of transition effects such as the powerful new Morph tool.
  • Advanced image manipulation  How to manipulate images and photographs without the need for specialist graphics software.
  • Interactivity, automation and media  We will cover how to create navigable menus, interactive elements, and self-running presentations in this section. On top of that we show you how to import, edit, export, and make best use of media within the framework of PowerPoint itself.
  • Templates and masters Setting backgrounds and templates to streamline the production of visually consistent presentations without any audience-distracting inconsistencies.
  • Anything else? Like to know how to reduce your file size? How to export your presentation as a self-running movie? Would you like us to have a go at redesigning that troublesome slide in-person? Good news, this course has been designed with maximum flexibility in mind, if there any advanced PowerPoint functionality youd like us to focus on in more detail please dont hesitate to let us know.

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