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Appointment, Recruitment and Termination of Employment – Laws & Precautions


Under the OSH Code, an employer has to mandatorily issue a letter of appointment in a format that has been prescribed by the government to every employee. Thus, even if an employee has already been issued an appointment letter, prior to the new laws coming into effect, then a new appointment letter will have to be issued within three months of effective date of new law.

Hence, it is imperative for employers to identify and understand the changes required under the Labour Code, be in a state of readiness to ensure compliance, and also keep their employees informed.

Employers are exposed to a number of legal and reputational risks resulting from wrongful termination, or not following due process.Termination of employment, though unpleasant, is still a part of an employer’s responsibility. And, every employer has to terminate an employee without inviting any legal ramifications.

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the legal framework governing appointment and termination of employment in India and to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to comply with Indian labour laws and regulations.


  • Background Verification – is it legal?
  • How it is useful for the Employer  

Appointment of Employees: Legal Requirements and Procedures

  • Legal requirements for appointment, such as minimum wage laws, social security laws, and employment contract laws
  • Discussion of various types of employment contracts and their
  • Lega l implications of appointment letters
  • Tips for drafting legally compliant employment contracts
  • Issuance of Appointment letter
  • Information that will have to be mentioned in the appointment letter as per new labour code 
  • Details to be mentioned and Schedules Protecting Employer’s interest 

Termination of Employment: Grounds for Termination and Notice Periods

  • How to legally separate an employee, without a dispute 
  • Law & Rules on Termination of the employee’s 
  • Discussion of notice periods required by law and how they apply in different circumstances
  • Tips for handling termination of employment in a legally compliant manner
  • Types of Separations

Severability of Employment: Understanding the Difference between Termination and Severability

  • Concept of severability of employment and its legal implications
  • Tips for handling severability of employment in a legally compliant manner

Legal Protections for Employees: Rights and Remedies for Wrongful Termination

  • Discussion of the role of government agencies and courts in enforcing these rights and remedies
  • Tips for protecting employees’ rights in case of wrongful termination

Prevention of Employment Discrimination and Harassment

  • Laws and regulations related to discrimination and harassment in the workplace in India
  • Best practices for preventing discrimination and harassment in the workplace
  • Tips for handling complaints of discrimination and harassment in a legally compliant manner

Compliance with Indian Labor Laws and Regulations

  • Discussion of common compliance issues and how to avoid them
  • Tips for maintaining compliance with Indian labor laws and regulations

Case studies and Scenarios

  • Analysis of real-life case studies and scenarios to illustrate the application of Indian employment laws and regulations
  • Discussion of best practices for handling similar situations in the future