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Proven Techniques for Transforming Your Ability to Hire Effectively

Hire for competence and fit by improving your selection process. Learn how to reduce hiring mistakes by more accurately assessing a candidate’s potential.
Learn how to use Critical Behavior Interviewing (CBI) techniques for gathering and evaluating information about a candidate to ensure the best hire. CBI is predicated on the idea that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. Asking questions to ascertain how a candidate has behaved in challenging situations they have faced in the past provides the best insight into their ability to successfully execute the duties of the new position in the future.

Learning Objectives

  • Define behavioral indicators needed in a position
  • Construct behavioral interview questions and probes
  • Use an effective process and agenda for interviewing, creating consistency and reliability
  • Reduce hiring mistakes by more accurately judging a candidate’s present and long-term potential
  • Enhance your knowledge of legal issues in the hiring process

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  • Understanding Recruitment – Separating Fact from Fiction
  • How to Measure and Financially Show the Cost of Bad Recruitment
  • First Series of Interviews
  • Self-assessment of Your Current Interviewing Skills
  • Fact vs. Fiction about Interviewing
  • Introduction to the Recruitment Process Map

Testing, Personality Profiling and References

  • Shortlisting – a new approach to save time and avoid bias
  • Testing and its Improvements
  • Occupational & Ability Testing
  • The Growth of Mental Illness and the Impact on Recruitment
  • Personality Profiling
  • How Assessment Centres Work and their Increasing Use Today
  • The Importance of References

Finalising Pre-written Questions, Room Set-up and Arrangements and Understanding the Vital Role of Body Language

  • Procedure for Starting every Interview
  • Finalizing your Interview Questions – writing scene setters
  • How to Use Probing Questions
  • How to Score and Who does the Scoring?
  • Understanding Body Language and Correctly Decoding it

Practice and Practice

  • Recap of the Steps so Far
  • Putting the Interview Process into Action
  • Review of Interview and Individual Feedback
  • On-boarding – strategies from maximising on your successful recruitment

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How to Register:

  • Fees: Rs. 3,500/- + 18% GST Per Person
  • Please write to / Call on 022-67256200
  • Mention the name of participant, company, contact details.