Build Better Work Relationships


With the digitalisation and increased inter-connectedness of today’s social interactions, cross-sector and cross-cultural communication has becomes a norm.

Those who can apply charisma, professional networking skills, and cultural sensitivity in any given social or professional situation have an edge.

Strong, diverse networks help you stay on top of the latest trends in your industry, meet new collaborators, and gain acces s to opportunities or resources that can help you be more effective in your work.

Learn how to enjoy networking, make others feel at ease talking to you, how to enter and exit a group of people, and how to build meaningful connections with peers and associates. You’ll learn different networking techniques and then practice these in the workshop.

  • Starting conversations with simple icebreakers and small talk 
  • How to break an awkward silence 
  • Workplace small talks with Colleagues and Co-workers 
  • Being a great listener 
  • Joining a conversation 
  • Putting others at ease and keeping conversations going 
  • Using authentic questioning techniques to create more meaningful conversations 
  • Asking for what you want without feeling pushy or fearing rejection 
  • Key language and structures for being entertained and entertaining others 
  • Meeting the people you want to meet 
  • Building self-confidence
  • Entering conversations already in progress and introducing others 
  • Leaving a conversation 
  • Following up to get what you need  
  • Acquire practical tips, tricks and techniques for socializing and networking
  • Developing positive and friendly demeanour to build strong rapport and make you likeable and memorable.
  • Master Social skills – body language and appearance.
  • Master ‘corridor conversations’ to boost your personal impact
  • Using Empathy – to understand another person’s emotions and state of mind.
  • Improve elevator pitch – a brief description of who you are, your strengths and your background.