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Why stories work?An Audience is always interested in experiences of someone with whom they can relate.

There is something very private that occurs within the listener while he ‘shares’ the experience.” Ã¢â‚¬â€ Will Eisner in Graphic 

People connect most readily to people and stories which affect them emotionally.

A leader who uses storytelling will increase his impact on the organisation. 

When information is shared in the form of stories, we can make a deeper connection with people. These stories are even more effective when they are not only dry pieces of facts, but actually along a narrative.

panel_start Course Outline panel_end

Learning Objective]] Story
• Introduction • Trust v/s Test
• Significance of learning
• Significance of self-growth
• Significance of research and development
• Smart Phone
• Technical Skills v/s Soft Skills • Individual Contributor v/s Leadership
• Communication Concentration
• Importance of story telling
• Decent Career v/s Great Career
• Voice Tone / Modulation • Exercise
• Steps in Story Board • What is the scenario?
• Who is the audience?
• Where will you share this story? (Group / One to one)
• What is the learning / moral that you want the audience to take away?
• Which story / example you would like to say?
What will be the emotions you will use sharing the story?
• Secret of Steve Jobs presentations • Steve Jobs
• Break • Not Applicable
• 7 Story Telling Structures 1. Overcoming a Monster         
2. Rags to Riches          
3. Voyage and Return
4. The Quest                                
5. Comedy                     
6. Tragedy                          
7. Rebirth
• The Black Swan • Happiness v/s Pain
• Recap of the session
• Steps to implement a learning
• Dieting

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