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CSR, Companies Act & Internal Financial Control -Recent Amendments

CSR, Companies Act 2013 has undergone several notable amendments since it the new Act was enacted by the law makers. Key amendments have been in the nature to simplify the law, plugging loopholes, to ensure more accountability and better enforcement to strengthen the corporate governance norms and compliance management in corporate sector.

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Key amendments to be covered by the workshop include: –

  • The revised CARO framework 2020 impacting work of auditors and corporate disclosures
  • The revised CSR sections and rules vide most recent notifications
  • Revisions in implementation framework of IFC/ ICOFR in light of C-19 pandemic
  • Decriminalization of Companies Act, 2013
  • Additional amendments through 2019 Amendment Act

This workshop will provide a forum to re-fresh your knowledge on recent amendments, their implications and discussion based insights.