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Companies invest significant time, money and resources perfecting their corporate brand and image.

Employees play a big part in how that corporate brand is delivered and defined inside and outside of the company.

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Pleasant Personality
• Building Rapport instantly
• Secrets of attractive people
• Art of making people feel good about themselves
• Travel etiquette
• Personal Props and Accessories for Men and Women 

• Table setting-Formal, Informal and the Cutlery Placement
• Continental vs American Style
• RSVP , Seating Arrangements
• Silverware Savvy , Chopsticks
• Napkin Placement
• Toasting, Receiving Lines 
• Wines, Champagnes and Liqueurs 
• Types of Win e Glasses
• How to Eat Various Foods, Foods to Avoid 
• Billing & Tipping worldwide
• Thank You Notes

Develop and convey poise and confidence -by knowing how to use Colour & Style
• The Impact of personal grooming
• Daily grooming routines
• Hygiene
• Make up for women 
• How you smell and body odour
• Hair care
• Develop and convey poise and confidence by knowing how to use colour and style


  • Eye contact
  • facial expressions,
  • hand gestures
  • body positions and Stance
  • Non Verbal Communication.
  • What is your body saying –the silent signals