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27/06/2024 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM Online 3835


Logistics is the set of integrated activity that links primary & secondary input supplier with the ultimate customers through a value chain. Logistics is the cos t which if properly incurred optimizes organizations profit.

In modern competitive world it is difficult to imagine International business without Global Logistics. Businesses the world over has become over the world business hence Global Logistics plays a very importa nt role of effectively sourcing raw material & efficiently marketi ng finished goods.

Thus Logistics is a stepping stone to achieve customer satisfacti on at lowest possible cos t. Logistics performer not only adds the value but also helps in achieving sustainable growth.

The above program will help participants to understand focus areas where Logistics & Shipping cos t can be curtailed without compromising on customer Service & managing timely delivery as per customer requirement in International Trade in present challenging & dynamic business scenario.

  • Nature, Role & Scope of Logistics
  • Inbound, Shipping & Outbound Logistics
  • Means & Modes of Transportation in International Trade.
  • Inland Transportation Cos t
  • Ocean Freight-Shipping Cos t
  • Inventory Management.
  • Warehousing Cos t
  • Port Charges
  • Other Cos t Optimization measures
  • Types of Ships & Types of Containers
  • Optimizing Logistics & Shipping Cos t
  • Inco terms as Cos t Cutting Tool
  • Overcoming Present Challenges in Shipping & Logistics
  • The Session will be supported by live examples from Industry