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In a highly competitive marketplace, finding new customers isn’t the only way to grow a business. As customer acquisition costs rise in every industry, it pays to make the most of the customers you already have. An existing and loyal customer base is more inclined to be interested in new products, increase spending on your brand and recommend your brand to others.

This online program will introduce you to methods and models that will help you better understand customer value, grow this value and individually target customers – all with the goal of optimizing customer loyalty.

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Module 1 – From Customer Differentiation to Customer Value

  • Explore customer heterogeneity, segmentation and differentiation
  • Learn how to calculate customer equity

Module 2 – Enabling Customer Relationship Management with Customer Data

  • Examine the customer life cycle and customer journey
  • Explore strategies and methods to grow customer value

Module 3 – Loyalty Drivers, Personalization and Triggered Marketing

  • Apply the methods of personalization and triggered marketing
  • Develop a customer loyalty strategy with the whole enterprise in mind

Module 4 – Loyalty Economics and the Loyalty Business Case

  • Learn the structure and elements of a business case for a loyalty program
  • Calculate the economics of loyalty

Module 5 – Designing a Loyalty Program

  • Differentiate between “projects” and “programs”
  • Design a customer loyalty program

Future Trends of Customer Loyalty Programs

  • Examine trends that impact buying behavior
  • Learn from failed loyalty programs