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Design is a transformational force that helps organisations develop products, services and experiences that connect and resonate with customers.

This enables meaningful and emotional differentiation in the eyes of consumers. Not surprisingly, design has become increasingly importa nt in business circles and organisations are increasingly trying to understand and master the competitive advantage design can off er. To help organisations address today’s business challenges in innovative ways, business leaders are seeking to develop their creative and design thinking skills.

Our unique Live online workshop helps business executives integrate creative and design thinking with their business thinking for successful innovative proble m-solving.

Design Thinking for Business workshop will take you on a hands-on learning journey that will help you develop the creative-thinking skills needed to innovate in any organisational context. By elevating your creative skills, you will return to work able to develop and support a creative culture within your organisation. A culture that is capable of confidently pushing and sustaining innovative efforts.

How you Benefit

  • Master the skills you need to sustain creative and design thinking capabilities
  • Acquire the mindset and managerial levers you need to develop an innovative organisational culture
  • Equip you with a methodology to put design thinking into actions
  • Learn how to solve problems creatively in any setting by collaborating with design coaches
  • Actio n Learning Project to apply the learning in your personal or your organisation’s context

Module 1: Design Thinking Skills

Understand the critical design thinking skills needed to either improve an existing product or design a new product.

Module 2: Identifying Customer Needs

Learn to identify customer needs and draft customer needs statements as your first step towards user innovations.

Module 3: Product Specifications

Learn how to translate user needs into product specifications quantitatively, and how establishing product metrics can help to define those specifications.

Module 4: Applied Creativity

Learn to apply creativity, brainstorming, and concept generation process in designing needs solutions.

Module 5: Prototyping

Explore prototyping methods, strategies, and real-lif e examples where these have been applied to create a design that represents customer needs and product specifications.

Module 6: Design for Services

Understand design of services, identify the potential for innovations within them, and learn how to apply product development frameworks to the service context.

Module 7: Product Architecture

Learn to use modular and integral product architectures in determining the building blocks of a product.

Module 8: Financial Analysis

Learn to perform financial analysis of your project idea and decide if it is backed by a strong business rationale (Worth-It).

Module 9: Design for Environment

Learn how to apply design for environment principles to a product lif e cycle.

Module 10: Product Development Processes

Learn to select and implement a product development process (staged, spiral, and agile)that’s aligned to your project needs.