Course Description

This intensive course equips HR professionals, with the knowledge and skills to create and maintain comprehensive and compliant HR policies and handbooks and manage outdated handbooks.

Through interactive sessions, case studies, and practical exercises, participants will gain insights into the latest lega l requirements, best practices, and effective communication strategies for a clear and user-friendly handbook.

Policies related to Manpower Plan, Recruitment & Selection, Salary and Compensation, Statutory Benefits, Learning & Development, Employees Morale and Motivation and Disciplinary Actio n and separation.

Course Content

HR Policies & Procedure – Design or Revamp

  • Policies for effective control and guidance of human resources
  • HR policies and organization Culture, Code of Conduct, Aligning policies with company mission and core values
  • Outdated Policies: Conducting a thorough audit of existing policies for legal compliance and relevance
  • Identifying triggers for policy review and updates or a shift in company values

HR Policies – Policies related to Punctuality and Leaves

  • Policies related to Working Hours, Weekly Of f, overstay, Comp-Of f etc.
  • Policies for Leaves & Holidays – Earned leave, Casual & Sick Leave etc.,

Policies related to Benefits and Compensation

  • Wages & Salary, Salary Grades and Components, Offer letters etc.
  • Statutory Benefits viz., Gratuity, Maternity Benefits, etc.

Performance Management & Reward & Recognition

  • Policies for Probation Review, Performance Management
  • Employee’s Reward & Recognition policies. Employee Motivation & Morale.

Statutory Policies

  • Policies for Equality, Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Work
  • Grievance Handling Policy, Prohibition of Bonded System and child labour

Contemporary Policies

  • Policies related to Work from Office / Home / Hybrid, Employees Health & Wellness
  • Profi t Sharing and ESOP policies, Whistle-Blower Policy

Policies for World Class Organisation

  • Policies for Fair Treatment & Equality including – LGBTQ community, Right to Association, and employee participation in Management
  • Workplace conduct and discipline
  • Anti-discrimination and harassment
  • Social media and technology use
  • Data privacy and security

Recruitment, Onboarding & Retention Policies

Best Practices and Emerging Trends – Leveraging Technology for Policy Management: Using HRIS systems for online access and updates

Timings: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm, Registration begins at 9:30 am