For a Competitive Organisation

Course Objective

  • Need for having HR Policies and Procedures in an organisation. Applicability of HR Policies on Employees and Workers.
  • Communicating the commitment of Top Management thru’ organisation’s Vision, Mission statements and organisational culture & values to employees.
  • Policies related to Manpower Plan, Recruitment & Selection, Salary and Compensation, Statutory Benefits, Learning & Development, Employees Morale and Motivation and Disciplinary Action and separation.
  • Understanding financial implications of the HR Policies – Computing cost – benefit analysis.
  • Proposing and obtaining approval of new HR policies.
  • Review and Revision of HR Policies.

Need for HR Policies & Procedure  : 

  • Policies for effective control and guidance of human resources,
  • HR policies and Organisation Culture, Code of Conduct

HR Policies – Policies related to Punctuality and Leaves

  • Policies related to Working Hours, Weekly Off, Over-stay, Comp-Off etc.
  • Policies for Leaves & Holidays – Earned Leave, Casual & Sick Leave etc.,

Policies related to Benefits and Compensation

  • Wages & Salary, Salary Grades and Components,
  • Statutory Benefits viz., Bonus, Gratuity, Maternity Benefits, Welfare Fund etc.

Performan ce Management & Reward & Recognition

  • Policies for Probation Review, Performanc e Management
  • Employee’s Reward & Recognition  policies. Employee Motivation & Morale. 

Statutory Policies

  • Policies for Equality, Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Work
  • Grievance Handling Policy, Prohibition of Bonded System and child labour 

Contemporary Policies 

  • Policies related to Work from Home,  Employees Health & Wellness
  • Profit Sharing and ESOP policies, Whistle-Blower Policy

Policies for World Class Organisation

  • Policies for Fair Treatment & Equality including – LGBTQ community, Right to Association,  Employees participation in Management