For Greetings, Proposals, Newsletters & Social Media

Using graphics appropriately can enhance even the most lacklustre topics — making them more powerful and easier for your audience to digest.

As a busy professional, you can’t spend valuable hours using the “tria l and error” approach to producing reports, presentations, office memos and more.

Participants will learn about elements of graphic design that really work, while eliminating time wasted on ideas and techniques you’ll seldom use.

We’ll provide you with techniques for arranging virtually any information to make it more relevant and readable, including number-filled reports.

  • Typography & How to choose right font
  • Colour Psychology, Colour combinations
  • Shapes, Icons & Illustrations
  • Editing Pre-made templates on Canva
  • Text Effects, Alignments
  • Free Vs Pro account on Canva
  • Creating Animated Creatives
  • Customizing readymade template videos
  • Creating short Videos and Clips
  • Presentations in Canva
  • Social Media Posters
  • Creating a Posts, Stories and Reels
  • Creating a Brochure/PDF, Office Greetings, Emailers, Proposals, Newsletters, Banners, GIFs, Advertisement copies and Infographics.