Major disruptions in businesses across the world have changed the Consumer Buying Behaviour indefinitely. In these moments of uncertainty and rapid change Digital marketing becomes vital. It is a pivotal time to invest your energy and efforts into building a digital marketing plan that can support your business no w and prepare you for acceleration in the future.The workshop imparts hands-on training g on the digital tools and techniques.

Participants will learn to optimize for search engine es (SEO) using Google Search Console and Google Analytics, and they will learn how to optimize advertising campaigns with Facebook, Google, You tube, linked in ads.

Sales managers, sales staff, marketing professionals, business owners, and those who want to learn effective social media strategies for converting potential online customers into solid revenue.

Who are you trying to reach?

This should be the most crucial factor when choosing a medium, and therefore should also be the most heavily researched.

Customer personas for your target audience should be created and analyzed, meaning your team knows everything from the first social site your audience visits to the hashtags they use.

What You’ll Learn :

  • Approaches to convert social media contacts into profitable business clients
  • How to create professional Facebook® pages, Twitter® hashtags, and LinkedIn® profiles
  • Different strategic approaches for varying social media platforms
  • Ways to make it easy to refer your information to other potential clients
  • Guidelines to utilize customer reviews and testimonies to build credibility
  • Tips to engage prospective clients and quickly turn conversations into sal es

Google Adwords & Keywords

  • How Google AdWords Works
  • Cos t and Bidding strategies of AdWords
  • Cos t per Clic k, Cos t per Impression bids
  • Placement of Ads
  • AdRank – How Google determines which ads appear where
  • Lead Generation through Google Adwords


  • How does Facebook Algorithm work
  • Using Facebook Live
  • Page vs Group vs Individual accounts
  • How campaigns works
  • How to reach out to your target audience
  • Facebook for personal branding
  • Case Studies – Best practices
  • Lead Generation
    • Facebook Ads – Create and promote your own ads
    • Create online brand ambassadors


  • How does search work on Twitter
  • Personal branding and content development
  • How to find and participate in right topics
  • Connecting with thought leaders
  • Running promoted campaigns to gain attenti on
  • Case Studies – Best practices
  • Lead Generation
    • Schedule your tweets
    • Use
    • Easy on the hashtags
    • Go for paid tweets and ads


  • Understanding how YouTube works
  • Monetization of content on YouTube
  • Video types that works on YouTube
  • Case Studies – Best practices
  • Lead Generation
    • Serialized videos
    • Add relevant links to your YouTube videos
    • Use keywords in the video title


  • Overview of LinkedIn
  • Using Linkedin Pulse to become a thought leader
  • Power of Virality and smart replies
  • Becoming part of relevant groups and understanding right content
  • Lead Generation
    • Search for connections and reques t an introduction
    • Linked In Ads
    • Play fair when building your lead list
    • Stay active and relevant


  • Shooting, Processing & Posting photos and videos 
  • Liking and commenting on the Instagram posts of other accounts 
  • Tagging & Regramming photos 
  • Third Party Video Applications 
  • Techniques for growing your audience/ followers. 
  • Strategies for increasing engagement. 
  • Convert your followers to Paying customers. 
  • Collaborating with a popular Instagrammer or influencer in your field or industry. 

Blog Content for Increasing Traffi c – with Different Ideas for Blogging 

  • Blog ideas
  • Choosing the right title
  • Creating high-converting headlines
  • Using online trending tools