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Learn the Intricacies, Benefit &

Mandatory compliances – REX & Reach

The EU is India’s third largest trading partner and the second-largest destination for Indian exports. The group comprises 27 European Union Countries. The trade between India & European Union countries has seen quantum jump in bi- lateral trade during past decade. It is for this reason that the Government of India & European Union Countries have been actively negotiating Fr ee Trade Agreement.

At present trade between India and European Union Countries is governed by a Unilateral arrangement termed as Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) where in goods of Indian origin enjoy duty concession in GSP memb er countries.

Though European Union Countries provide vast Export opportunities, as Trade facilitation measure exporters have to know about “REX System” besides “Reach Certification” process, which compliances is often lacking on their part.

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The objective of this online workshop is to highlight the vast opportunities for business that exist in European Union Market and acquaint the participants with two mandatory compliances i.e.”REX” & “Reach”.

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  • Concepts
  • European Union Countries
  • Fr ee Trade Agreement
  • Preferential Trade Agreement
  • GSP
  • Country of Origin Rules
  • What is GSP and existing system ?
  • Why Trade with European Union Countries
  • The Trends in India
  • -EU Countries bilateral Trade
  • What Ails India’s Export to EU
  • What is REX System
  • Salient features of REX system
  • Provisions under FTP, 2015-20
  • Country of Origin Rules & REX System  
  • Reach Certification
  • Applicability
  • Registration Process
  • Exim Codes
  • Country of Origin Certificate Miscellaneous
  • Question – Answers.