An old saying goes, “Dress for the job you want, not the one you have.”.

Simple, sophisticated clothes with unique combinations that are tastefully tailored and comfortable are traits of Power Dressing .

A recent study shows that people who dress better have more confidence, feel more powerful, and are more focused on details. 

Many times people with gre at potential are overlooked for growth opportunities because they don’t look, smell, or sound like a milli on bucks. 

Even though many meetings are no w remote, there is still a direct connection between the way you present yourself visually and the outcome.

Dress for Success presentation

  • Dress for Success:
  • What is Power Dressing/Dress for success?
  • Clothing, and how it impacts our ability to perform at work. 
  • What are confident people more optimized for? 
  • How our image relates to the way others view us. 
  • Winning the first impression.
  • The importance of comfort in a work wardrobe. 
  • Not letting business casual become too casual. 
  • Why you should never assume one look works for every audience. 
  • How to master the art of personal presentation. 
  • Dressing for your shape and body type. 
  • The importance of clothing that fits. 
  • Never let your look be louder than your voice.
  • How to build a capsule work wardrobe. 
  • Know your shoes
  • Learn to solve the most common fashion faux pas. 
  • How to use colour and accessories in the workplace.
  • Where to search for inspiration. 
  • When to ask for help.
  • Grooming Tips