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2:00 PM - 5:00 PM 1 3835

EDPMS & IDPMS – Issues & Guidelines


In the on-going process of de-regulation in Foreign Trade and Exchange control administration, focus is now on various avenues for developing International Trade as well as its control measures.The regulators have come out with EDPMS & IDPMS to track and monitor the business flow.

With the increase in international trade business and opening up of market, it is necessary to monitor and report the trade business as expected by the regulator.

Course Objective

  • Foreign Trade / Exchange Business with special reference to promoting Export/Import Business 
  • Handling IRM, ORM, Shipping Bills, Bill of entry in EDPMS & IDPMS software.
  • To develop skills in marketing of export financing business in the above categories ensuring compliance with Guidelines / Rules with reference to certain Ministries, Agencies and Acts applicable in our country.

Key Benefits :

  • Regulatory framework
  • Role of – Customs, ICE Gate, RBI, Banks etc.
  • Monitoring process ( Bankers perspective)
  • Features of Shipping Bills, Bill of Entries, eBRCs, eFIRC, IRMs, ORMs etc
  • Utilization ,Write off, Transfer of AD ,Caution listing Etc
  • Handling of manual Shipping bill, Bill of entry, PP Forms, Courier receipts.
  • Dispute resolution and Q&A.

Course Content


  • Export of goods/ software done through EDI ports
  • Issuance of Electronic Bank Realisation Certificate (eBRC)
  • Set-off of export receivables against import payables
  • EDPMS – Additional modules for caution listing of exporters, reporting of advance remittance for exports and migration of old XOS data
  • EDPMS – Responsibility of remittance receiving and converting bank
  • EDPMS- Clarification on closure of export bills
  • EDPMS  –  Closure of entries


Detailed Operational Procedures for IDPMS : –                    

  • Advance Remittance for Import of Rough Diamonds
  • Receipt of Import Bills/Documents
  • Evidence of Import
  • Settlement of ORM with BoE
  • Extension and Write Off 
  • Follow-up for Evidence of Import
  • Verification and Preservation