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Effective Time Management


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Managing Your Time without setting priorities is like shooting randomly and calling whatever you hit is the target

While work has changed, the training on how to manage our time looks pretty much the same as it always has. Traditional time management teaches us to “start every morning making a list of things to do that day.” But once you check your email, that list is already woefully outdated.

Time management teaches “Prioritize A, B, C.” But these days, everything seems urgent and competes for the highest priority. Time management teaches us to “close the door” to get important work done, but it doesn’t address our spinning brains and the lure of the internet at our fingertips. Whatever “schedule” we came up with is typically out the window by 8:01 AM.

The problem’s not just that we’re getting distracted from work; it’s that we’re getting distracted from important work by other work. How many times have you sat down to do more thoughtful, in-depth tasks, only to be lured away by incoming emails from clients or colleagues?

We have to work differently now to be effective. This training focuses on productivity skills that empower employees to overcome these new challenges. It has  three components:

  • Clarity around role priorities.
  • Attention management skills.
  • A comprehensive workflow management system.

 How You Will Benefit

  • Set and accomplish goals
  • Create priorities and establish realistic boundaries
  • Recognize and deal with time-wasters
  • Improve concentration and efficiency
  • Break indecision and procrastination habits
  • Use technology to help manage time
  • Create and recharge positive energy

 Seminar Objectives

  • Recognize the Value of Your Time
  • Understand What Is Important for You to Accomplish to Meet Your Goals
  • Make, and Work with, a Flexible Plan
  • Learn to Balance Competing Priorities to Meet Ever-Changing Demands
  • Manage Technology Efficiently
  • Develop Effective Ways of Handling Paperwork
  • Establish Reasonable and Realistic Boundaries on the Use of Your Time
  • Eliminate and Minimize Time Wasters
  • Stop Procrastinating and Work on the Critical Tasks
  • Look for Opportunities to Delegate Appropriate Tasks/Projects to Others
  • Work Effectively as a Team Member

Course Content

Time Management Is Self-Management

  • Shift Focus from Managing Time to Managing Self
  • Identify Typical Time Wasters
  • Identify Personal Strengths and Development Opportunities to Control Time
  • 1-3-5 Rule & MIT Method 
  • A Quick Note on the Ivy League Technique 

Prioritize energy management.  

  • Finding your most productive and focused time.

Getting Things Done

  • Define Goals Based on Your Role
  • Eisenhower Matrix, also referred to as Urgen t-Importan t Matrix
  • Select Importan t and Valid Priorities
  • Create a Realistic and Productive Schedule
  • Pareto Principle A.K.A 80/20 Rule 
  • Parkinson’s Law: Relevant to Time Management? 

Concentration, Focus and Mindfulness

Proactively manage your calendar

  • Plotting chunks of focused time in advance fo r yo u to meet the demands of the projects
  • Time Boxing Method and Pomodoro Technique
  • Learn how to minimise the impact of internal & external disruptions on your concentration and workflow with the Pomodore Technique. 


  • What to assign, whom to select, when to start, how to maintain control and give feedback
  • Communication issues, checkpoints, and task-related support
  • Overcoming Reluctance, resistance, and lack of motivation
  • Quality management and accountability
  • Setting up control and follow-up procedures, without micromanaging

Managing Technology

  • Rule your technology instead of letting it rule you
  • Identify Ways to Manage E-mails

Mindfulness,  Focus and Stress Management

Work-Lif e Balance

  • Prioritize and Choose Activities to Balance Lif e and Work
  • Use Energy Drivers to sustain energy throughout the day
  • Create Your Own “No Script

Daily Hacks for Time Management in the Workplace 

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