Date Time No. of Days Fees (Inclusive Taxes)
2:00 PM - 5:30 PM 3835

Email Marketing


Despite the advent of social media and the proliferation of billions of websites on the internet, email marketin g is still importan t.

Email marketin g still promises to deliver the highest ROI of all marketin g channels

Email lets you personalize your message in ways that social media can’t match.

It is a fantasti c approach to communicating with clients and potential clients about pertinent offers, news, updates, and other information to keep them engaged with your brand.

You can send follow-up emails to customers who have made purchas es and target potential customers who haven’t made a purchase yet but could be interested in doing so in the future.

With the constant improvements in spa m filters by the major email providers, getting your message into a recipient’s inbox has become more challenging in 2022.

If one stops optimizing, you are almost certain to see the deliverability drop over time.

This workshop helps you overcome all these challenges to achieve high ROI on your marketin g.

  • Building your Email List –
    • Database building techniques
    • Free & Paid Tools to collect emails
    • Lead magnets to grow your list to 10X
    • Incentives to subscribe
    • Double op t in
    • Pop ups
    • Effective Ways to Get More Email List Subscribers
  • Email Marketing: Strategy and Optimization
    • Creating a Contact Management and Segmentation Strategy
    • Sending the Right Email
    • Creating a High-Performing Email
    • Outlining the Design & analysing of Your Marketing Emails
    • Developing Relationships with Lead Nurturing
  • Understanding Email Deliverability and Inbox Delivery
    • Testing Your Marketing Emails with seed list
    • Domain names, servers etc.
  • Email Marketing: Drip Campaigns
  • Email Marketing Laws and Regulations (CAN SPA M, GDPR)
  • Automated email marketing tools
  • Choosing the right Email Marketing Service
  • Free & Paid Email campaign tools 
  • Email Analytics & Email Automation