Date Venue Category/City Fees (Inclusive Taxes)
13/06/2024 Holiday Inn Delhi 9971
14/06/2024 Holiday Inn Bangalore 9971
14/06/2024 The Lalit Mumbai 9971

Incl One-on-One Sessions with a Coach

This Senior Coaching and Leadership Workshop, is a transformative learning experience designed exclusively for executives and senior managers who are already at the pinnacle of their careers. This workshop is for you if you’re looking to further refine your leadership style, elevate your communication skills, emotional intelligence, and foster a more cohesive and effective team

As a senior leader, you’ve already achieved a level of success that speaks to your skills, dedication, and acumen. However, the higher you climb on the corporate ladder, the more complex and nuanced your challenges become.

The skills that got you here may not be the same ones that will sustain you or propel you to the next level. This course aims to bridge that gap, offering you the tools and insights you need to excel in your role, not just competently manage it.

Leadership, Communication and Collaboration

  • Effective communication skills for leaders
  • Building strong relationships and collaboration with colleagues and stakeholders
  • Role of emotional intelligence in leadership
  • Assessing personal emotional intelligence
  • Managing conflict and navigating political dynamics
  • Strategies for managing conflict and overcoming communication barriers

Leadership Style Assessment and Communication

  • Completing a leadership style assessment
  • Understanding your leadership style and their impact on organizational culture and performance
  • Identifying personal leadership styles and their strengths and weaknesses
  • Identifying potential blind spots and areas for growth
  • Methodology:
    • DiSC Assessment
    • Interpreting DiSC Profiles
    • Understanding DiSC profile reports and their components.
    • Analyzing the results: identifying dominant and less prominent
    • Behavioral styles
    • Discussing the implications of various DiSC combinations

One-on-one Coaching

  • Reviewing feedback with your Personal Coach
  • Analyzing patterns and themes in the feedback
  • Identifying opportunities for leveraging strengths and addressing development areas
  • Reflecting on own behavior and identifying opportunities for growth
  • Receiving one-on-one feedback from a coach
  • Developing strategies for addressing development areas

Building High-Performing Teams

  • Analyzing team dynamics and identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Developing strategies for building high-performing teams
  • Enhancing team cohesion and fostering a positive team culture
  • Using Tools and metrics for regular feedback to team members
  • Identifying and addressing issues in a constructive and supportive manner
  • Coaching team members to maximize their potential

Delivery Method:

This coaching intensive will be delivered by our experienced executive coaches in a small-group setting. You’ll have the opportuni ty to connect with and learn from our coaches in a supportive, collaborative environment. With personalized feedback and coaching, you’ll leav e the session feeling empowered and inspired to take your leadership to new heights.

Timings:  9:30 am – 5:00 pm , Registration begins at 9:00 am

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