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12/05/2023 The Lalit Mumbai 9971

Executive Coaching

Incl One on One Coaching Sessions

Leadership , Emotional Intelligence, Interpersonal & Assertive skills and more

Every member of the team plays a critical role in the success of the organization. However, sometimes even the most talented employees can struggle with certain behaviours or attitudes that can impede their effectiveness in the workplace. If left unaddressed, these challenges can hinder the growth and progress of the organization.

This program is specifically designed to help individuals unlock their full potential. Through expert coaching, self-assessment, and personalized feedback, they will gain invaluable insight into their strengths and areas for development.

They’ll learn how to communicate more effectively, manage their emotions, and build positive relationships with their colleagues. You’ll see tangible results as the team becomes more effective, productive, and engaged, contributing to the overall success of the organization.

Course Content

I. Introduction

  • Clarifying expectations and goals for the session
  • Introduction to self-assessment and feedback tools

II Self Assessments

  • Completing a leadership style assessment
  • Reflection on personal leadership strengths and areas for development
  • Identifying potential blind spots and areas for growth

III. Feedback

  • Reviewing feedback with your Personal Coach
  • Analyzing patterns and themes in the feedback
  • Identifying opportunities for leveraging strengths and addressing development areas

IV. Reflection

  • Reflecting on own behavior and identifying opportunities for growth
  • Receiving one-on-one feedback from a coach
  • Developing strategies for addressing development areas

V. Stakeholder Management

  • Identifying key stakeholders and their needs
  • Developing strategies for building effective relationships with stakeholders
  • Managing conflict and navigating political dynamics

VI. Team Development

  • Analyzing team dynamics and identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Developing strategies for building high-performing teams
  • Coaching team members to maximize their potential

VII. Actio n Planning

  • Creating an acti on plan for accelerating leadership growth
  • Identifying key priorities and milestones
  • Setting up systems for tracking progress and measuring succe ss

Delivery Method:

This coaching intensive will be delivered by our experienced executive coaches in a small-group setting. You’ll have the opportuni ty to connect with and learn from our coaches in a supportive, collaborative environment. With personalized feedback and coaching, you’ll leav e the session feeling empowered and inspired to take your career to new heights.

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