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“Free & Preferential Trade Agreements”, play very important role in “International Business”. While imports from countries under FTA / PTA result in to reduction in landed cos t of imports, they lead to exponential growth of exports besides diversification of export market coupled with growth of “Export Business”.

It is for this reason that countries world over are on spree to sign “Free Preferential Trade Agreements”. India is no exception to this universal trend.

Course Objective

The objective of this workshop is to acquaint the participants with export growth opportunities available in dealing with countries under “Free Preferential Trade Agreements” & Process along with documentation involved.

  • Key Knowledge Areas
  • An overview of different types of FTAs and PTAs, including their similarities and differences.
  • FTAs, CEPA, CECA difference
  • HS code & FTAs – PTAs
  • Relevance of Certificate of Origin under FTAs & PTAs
  • India and FTAs
  • List of Countries under FTAs / PTAs Agreements under Negotiation
  • Latest FTAs and their effect
  • Procedure and Understanding of Rules of Country of Origin
  • Imports & Exports
  • Benefits of FTA /PTA
    • REX System
  • FTA / PTA Guidelines & References
  • Online Filing of COO
  • Case studies and practical exercises to help apply the knowledge to real-world situations and evaluate the potential impact of FTAs and PTAs on their business.
  • A detailed analysis of the provisions and benefits of the UAE-Australia FTA, including tariffs reductions, market access opportunities, and investment protections
  • Information on how the FTA will impact specific sectors such as services, manufacturing, and agricultural trade
  • An update on recent news and developments in the field of FTA between UAE and Australia.
  • Q&A