The Amendment in Sec 16(2) in Union Budget has resulted in increased notices from GST department and stringent penal provisions for mismatches in ITC with GSTR 2A/GSTR 2B. 

Understand all about GSTR 2A, 2B, 3B, explore the changes in filing flow, leg al provisions, Comparison between GSTR-2A and GSTR-2B. 

CGST Rule 36(4) is amended to remove 5% additional ITC over and above ITC appearing in GSTR-2B. From 1st January 2022, businesses can avail ITC only if it is reported by the supplier in GSTR-1/ IFF and it appears in their GSTR-2B. Learn the implications of this on GST return. 

How to save the tax outflows under GST. Learn ways to optimise your ITC clai ms along with the importance of filing returns before the due dates.

One of the Current issues is that purcha se bills are not reflected in GSTR 2B but reflected in 2A (returns are filed late by vendor). Can you claim ITC as per 2A or will the department raise notice for the delay in reflecting and ask to pay interest? 

The workshop will cover- 

  • Rule 36 (4) amendment in For m GSTR-3B 
  • Latest updates in GST 
  • Impact of Rule 36(4) on taxpayers 
  • How and when can the balance ITC be claimed? 
  • Importan t points to note while claiming provisional cred it 
  • Provision of TCS under GST under Section 52 of the CGST Act 
  • Replies to notices from the GST portal with possible evidence

GST latest  Amendments 

Changes in 

  • Provision Time of Supply of Services 
  • Conditions for claiming ITC  
  • Self-assessed tax 
  • Provisional Attachment under section 83  
  • Appeal in case of detention and seizure of goods and conveyance 
  • Changes in section 129 
  • Changes in section 130 
  • Power to call for information and restrictions on its disclosure 
  • Bar on disclosure of information 
  • Guidelines for recovery proceedings under section 79 (Self Assessed Tax) 
  • Supply of goods or services between related persons 
  • Applicability of GST on Sal e of Land/Building 
  • Unregistered Seller and registered Buyer Transactions 

Union Budget 2022 & 3B updates 

GSTR-9 & GSTR-9C – Reporting Requirements 

What are New Returns Updates under  GST 

  • Issues In Returns Filing 
  • Preparation Required for New Returns 
  • Transitional Issues from old return to New Return 
  • New Invoice Furnishing Facility (IFF) 

Preparing for E – Invoicing in light of Recent Changes, E-Invoicing Notifications and Schema Updates 

  • E – Invoicing – What you send What you get 
  • Generating LIVE Invoice through IRP Portal 
  • E – Invoicing and E-Way Bill 
  • E – Invoicing for B2B and B2C transactions, Exports, SEZ and RCM 
  • Impact of E-Invoicing rules and compliance on internal systems and processes 
  • Multiple Ways of E-Invoice Integration 
  • Reconciliation with sal es register, GSTR1 & GSTR 3B and e-invoicing 
  • How can businesses prepare for the system 
  • GST – Reconciliation of Accounts, 
  • Audit and filing of Annual Returns GSTR 9 & 9C 

Issues in E Way Bill 

  • Blocking and unblocking of E Way Bill 
  • Consequence of Error/ Mistake in E way bill 
  • E Way bill – How to mitigates issues in E way by designing system and policies 
  • Detention of vehicle