The coronavirus has become one of the greatest accelerators for workplace transformation of our lifetime. 

The pandemic has forced the type of workplace experimentation that would have taken years if not decades to happen: working remotely, re-thinking business travel and moving in-person training to virtual.

HR can play a key role as the change leader for the organization.

Keeping the human resources Best practices checklist in mind it can help HR design future-ready policies that benefit employees and stimulate business growth.

Some  innovative HR practices and trends that companies of all sizes can benefit from. 

  • Prepare for the Hybrid Office of the Future
  • Re-engineer and Transform Corporate Learning
  • Prepare for the Hybrid Office of the Future
  • Be Holistic in Creating A Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Workforce
  • Focus on Performance metrics
  • Using people analytics for decision making
  • Leadership opportunities for its tech savvy, younger workforce
  • Invest in Mental Health of employees

In the Organisations quest to meet competitive challenges of today the management of human resources holds the key to success. 

This Workshop provides hands on tools, in form of Best processes and practices.

Course Objective

The objective of this program is to equip you to create HR processes and practices that help your Organization to be competitive, instil pride and ownership in its workforce and Maximizing Performance.

Strategic Alignment

  • Business Strategy to HR Strategy
  • Strategic HR
  • HR Role in Business

HR Scorecard

  • Strategic Plan/ BSC to HR Scorecard
  • HR Actionable Agenda & Doables
  • New Role for HR
  • Key  Practices

HR Systems & Process

  • Overview of HR Systems & Processes
  • Choosing the Main Stems
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Key  Practices in Talent acquisition

Centre Pieces HR Processes

  • Performance Management
  • Competency Management
  • Performance & Competencies Management
  • Key  Practices in PCMS

HR Development Processes

  • Talent Development & Retention
  • Competency Development Management
  • Key  Practices in Talent Management

Talent Retention Processes

  • Career & Succession Planning Processes
  • Key Practices Competencies Development
  • Key Practices in Retention

Employee Engagement

  • Employee Engagement  Processes
  • Measuring Employee Engagement
  • Best Practices in Employee Engagement

Next Practices

  • HR Analytics
  • Integrated HR Systems & Processes
  • Digital HR

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