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10/05/2024 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM Online 3835


With the internationalization of the Indian Rupee and changing global trade policies, being ahead in knowledge is no longer optional. This course places you at the forefront of these developments. Grasp the complexities of the Reserve Bank of India’s policies and how they specifically facilitate trade with Russia, a key market for many businesses.

 Learn the intricacies of using the Indian Rupee for trade settlements, a game-changer for many businesses looking to optimize their international trade operations. In a field where regulations can be as dynamic as the market, stay updated and compliant with the latest in trade laws and frameworks.

Course Content :

Internationalization of the Rupee

  • Understanding the concept of internationalization of the Rupee
  • Significance of a globally accepted and traded Indian currency
  • Key milestones and initiatives that have shaped the process

RBI Measures Facilitating International Trade with Russia 2.1 Policy Framework

  • Overview of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) policies supporting international trade
  • Specific measures aimed at facilitating trade with Russia

Impact Assessment

  • Analyzing the impact of RBI measures on the ease of doing business with Russia
  • Case references

Trade Settlement Mechanism & Challenges

  • Indian Rupee as a Settlement Currency
  • Exploring the advantages of using the Indian Rupee for trade settlements
  • Comparative analysis with other settlement currencies

Process Flow

  • Step-by-step breakdown of the trade settlement process with the Rupee
  • Different types of accounts involved
  • Aspect of foreign exchange
  • Factors influencing exchange rates

Understanding Regulatory framework for trade with Russia

  • Stance of Indian banks and the reasons

Recent Negotiations & Developments

Institutionalize Mechanism between India & Russia for promotion of Bilateral Trade proposed FTA / CECA with Eurasian Economic Union

Q&A – 30 minutes