There has been an increase in the number of scrutiny notices issued this year and a lot of those who have got notices declared foreign income and assets in their ITR 

The department can pick up ITRs for scrutiny till up to six months from the end of the financial year in which the return was filed 

If the notice is about assessment or reassessment, you may have to undergo detailed scrutiny. Such notices come along with a questionnaire seeking information of a particular transaction, asset, or income. 

  • Why is only my case chosen for Scrutiny? 
  • What are the myths pertaining to the subject of Scrutiny? 
  • Are all inquiry notices received from department a subject matter of Scrutiny? 
    What to do when a Scrutiny notice is received? 
  • Replying to notices
    • “e-proceeding” facility 
  • What if I don’t respond or co-operate to a Scrutiny notice? 
  • Responding to Demand Notice 
  • Options to respond to Demand Notice 
    • Demand is correct 
    • Demand is partially correct 
    • Disagree with demand 
    • Demand is not correct but agree for adjustment