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Women In Leadership

Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world

“The success of every woman should be the inspiration to another.

We  should Raise each other Up”

This workshop will help you to

  • Broaden your horizon
  • Make a bigger, larger contribution to the world
  • Get over habits that hold professional women back in the workplace.
  • Structure your day so you are investing in the long term
  • Leverage and build relationships across the organization.
  • Structure your day so you’re not just doing tasks.
  • Not be too hard on yourself.
  • Get over the need to be the perfect everything to everyone.
  • Get over the feeling that you have to please everyone
  • Ruminate or worry too much
  • Be good at Self promotion
  • Negotiate offers well, and not just accept or compromise
  • Not be ashamed to be ambitious.
  • Hear the word ambitious as positive trait.
  • Figure out what you want 
  • Not undersell yourself
  • Be recognized for your good work

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Ms. Sabira Merchant 

  • She is a renowned corporate trainer with a versatile personality and many admirable qualities. She completed her education in liberal arts from Switzerland.
  • She is responsible for training & mentoring FEMINA MISS INDIAs for the local as well as international competitions and her famous students being the representatives of our country for the Miss India, Miss Universe, Miss Asia Pacific and Mr. International Contest. Some well-known names include Ms. Priyanka Chopra, Ms. Lara Dutta, Ms. Diana Hayden etc.
  • She was always interested in the dramatics arts and stage. She has been a part of “The Buckingham Secret”, “The Word” by Pratap Sharma, “The Wild Duck”, Tughlaq”, “Duet for One”, “The Idiot”, “Winter Set” and many more. She bagged the All India Critics Award for her role in “A Street Car named Desire” 
  • She is most popularly known as the “Hostess” for the Quiz Programme, What’s the good Word which was televised in the early 70’s on Doordarshan for a record breaking 15 years.

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Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world