Managing employee relations and handling complaints is a critical skill for HR professionals at all levels.

Throughout the course, participants will learn practical strategies to –

  • Communicate effectively with employees,
  • Build positive employee relationships
  • Manage conflicts
  • Investigate and resolve complaints
  • Foster employee engagement and
  • Manage difficult situations with professionalism and empathy

Managing Employee Relationships with Engagement

  • Employee engagement in managing employee relationships. 
  • Strategies for creating an engaging work environment (e.g. recognition programs, opportunities for growth and development, work-lif e balance) 
  • Techniques for measuring and improving employee engagement. 

Understanding Employee Relations

  • Definition and importance of employee relations in the workplace 
  • Common issues that arise in employee relations (e.g. performan ce, absenteeism, conflicts) 
  • Strategies for building positive employee relations 

Conflict Management

  • Identifying and managing different types of conflicts that may arise in the workplace (e.g. interpersonal, interdepartmental)  
  • Techniques for effective conflict resolution and communication 
  • Managing conflicts in a remote work environment 

Handling Employee Complaints

  • Common types of employee complaints (e.g. salary, benefits, work conditions, workload) 
  • Best practices for handling employee complaints (e.g. active listening, impartiality, confidentiality)  
  • Investigating complaints and documenting the process 

Dealing with Difficult Employees

  • Identifying and managing difficult employees (e.g. performance issues, attitude problems) 
  • Strategies for addressing difficult behavior (e.g. coaching, counseling, disciplinary action) 
  • Handling terminations and exit interviews with difficult employees