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Managing Hybrid Workplaces

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The post-Covid-19 hybrid model of working will present challenges to everyone. As we shift to that hybrid work environment, it will be critical to embrace the right strategy to keep teams connected and engaged regardless of their physical location.

Adopting the hybrid model means there will be people fully in the office and people fully out. There will be people in between as well. The playing field won’t be level at all.

If managers aren’t careful, they could end up with an “A-team” and a “B-team” mentality, in which those who are in the office receive more frequent promotions, better bonuses and more feedback, while those out of the office are overlooked and don’t receive much feedback at all.

This is likely to lead to disengagement and reduced productivity. Managers will bear the brunt of the change. They have had to switch to more tangible time-based, measurable goals so they know who is performing and who is not. They have to find ways of engaging and motivating over videoconferences to support their at-home teams.

In short, managers will need to learn completely new skills to level the playing field for their team to maximize productivity and engagement.

The success of the business depends on it.

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  • Team Building skills for the Hybrid workforce 
  • Building Emotional Intelligence & Empathy
  • Measuring And Monitoring Performance of the hybrid Team 
  • Building Flexible Time frames 
  • Being Deliberate About Calendars: 
  • Scheduling One-on-one time with both teams
  • Discussing issues with the right team members, irrespective of location
  • Managing Social Interactions  involving both teams to include
    • Water cooler conversations or
    • Lunchroom discussions
    • Coffee hour with everyone on Zoom
    • No agenda chats