Course Objective

  • Link company’s historical financial statements to future projections
  • Create assumptions about future business performance
  • Estimate & prepare a financial forecast
  • Valuing a business
  • Use different scenarios & sensitivity analysis
  • Evaluate transactions such as mergers and acquisitions

Learning Outcome

  • Collating financial statements i.e.populate the income statement, balance sheet and cash flows for the past years from balance sheets in excel
  • Building assumptions for future estimations
  • Projecting future financial statements
  • Calculate DCF and Relative valuations to arrive at fair price of the company.
  • Basics of Financial Modelling using excel
  • Create a basic financial model
  • Work on a live case study  regarding basic finance modelling used for basic estimation & also equity research

  • Advanced Case study using M& A model
  • Working with cash flow and valuation
  • Consolidation of numbers