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Incl Google Sheets

Course Content-

Microsoft Excel is one of the most ubiquitous /widely used software in workplaces across the world. Learning to confidently operate Excel has become crucial for success in the increasingly digitized corporate world.

This practical, hands on workshop will set you up with a solid foundation to gather, transform, analyze and visualize data.

Easy Editing Techniques

  • Using the Advanced Filter and AutoFilter to display the information you need
  • Controlling multiple ranges with AutoFill
  • Extracting filtered ranges
  • Using multiple criteria for creating advanced filters, and list management
  • Time-saving keyboard shortcuts

Sharing Workbooks

  • Setting up shared workbooks
  • View users sharing a workbook
  • Change the updated frequency
  • Merging shared files
  • Creating pull-down menus for shared workbooks

Formulas and Functions

  • Building complex formulas quickly and easily
  • Using the Function Palette and cutting your work time in half
  • Using key logic functions IF, AND, OR and NOT to make data more usable
  • Creating conditional formulas
  • Using MATCH, INDEX, VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP in large worksheets
  • Manipulating text entries with Excel®’s extensive set of functions and formulas

Using Analytical Options

  • Using Goal Seek and Solver
  • Working with scenarios to analyze data and equations
  • Working with view options

Charting, Tables, and Lists

  • Using auditing to create a visual map of your data
  • Creating custom charts for added interest and relevance to your reporting
  • Working with data forms
  • Pivot Tables – Summarizing your data
  • Creating data tables
  • How to create and manage PivotCharts and Tables

Special Section: Data Exchange, the Web and Excel

  • How to do a quick Internet search for information—For solving excel problems
  • Creating hyperlinks in your spreadsheet that will take users straight to a Web page
  • How to publish your Excel charts and data on the Web more quickly

Working with Google Sheets

  • Connect multiple Google Sheets together using a single formula
  • Learn formulas that work in both Google sheets & Excel!
  • Analyze data sets with ease using complex functions & formulas
  • Converting other files formats such as Microsoft Excel to Google Sheets

Pivot Tables – Effective summarized representation of data using Pivot Tables

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Timings : 2:30 pm to 5 pm

Duration : 3 Sessions of 2 hours 30 minutes each

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How to Register :

  • Fees: Rs. 3,500/- + 18% GST Per Person
  • Please write to / Call -022 67256200/ 9769579090
  • Mention the name of participant, company, contact details.
  • Fees include course material, participation certificate etc.