panel_start Code on Wages panel_end

1- Limited coverage employees and employment under existing law whereas broader coverage under code

2- Uniformity in Appropriate government definition Viz a Viz existing labour laws

3- Extensive coverage of equal remuneration part under the code in comparison to existing ER Act 1976

4- Clear concept of components of wages under the code with Uniformity

5- New concept of floor level wages to reduce disparities in rate of minimum wages across the nation under the code

6- Modified mode of payment of bonus

panel_start IR CODE panel_end

1- Introduction of fixed term employment under the code and its implications

2- Establishments exempted from the definition of industry and its cosquences

3- New concept of negotiating union and negotiating council under the code

4- Rights of employers to adopt model standing order without going for any certification process under the code

5- Limitation of time limit for raising a industrial dispute under the code

6- Modified definition of strike and also right of strike under the code

panel_start CODE ON OSH &WC panel_end

1- Additional responsibilities of employers including principal employers under the code

2- Modified definition of contract labour under the code Viz a Viz existing contract labour laws

3- New concept of core and non core activities under the code instead of permanent and perennial nature of work under existing contract labour law

4- Delinking of registration and license under the code and concept of work specific license has been done away with unlike under the contract labour act

5- More inclusive definition and coverage of migrant workers under the code unlike narrow coverage under ISMW Act 1979

6- Formalization of employment and flexible ceiling on overtime deployment

7- New facilities of encashment of leave under the code

panel_start CODE ON SOCIAL SECURITY panel_end

1- Emergence of gig workers and platform workers have been recognised under the code

2- Responsibilities of employers including PE in ensuring contributions in respect of PF and ESIC both under the code

3- ESIC right to realize capitalized value of expenditure from employer in respect of uninsured employees

4- Relaxation in eligibility criteria for payment of gratuity in respect of fixed term employee and working journalists under the code

5- Social security schemes for unorganised workers and introduction of E-Shram portal

6- Requirements of reporting of vacancies in any employment for the establishment both in public and private sectors under the code