The Government is focusing on prompt implementation of the New Labour Codes and Rules and working on phased implementation of these codes in FY 2022-23.

As many as 28 States and UTs have finalised draft Rules, including the state of Karnataka.

With the onset of notification for implementation of Codes by Central Govt and Rules by Karnataka State Governments, industry should be ready for implementation of the Codes. Accordin gly, it is right time for us to carefully observe the provisions of the Codes & Rules and plan for the implementation of the Codes in letter and spirit for due compliances.

The present program intends to specifically chart out the changes proposed in each Code along with Rules and understand its applicability and enforceability in our organisation and plan for changes in HR Policies and Compliance process to align ourselves with the provisions of New Labour Codes.

Wage Code & KA Rules

  • Skill Types
  • Minimum Wages
  • Zone | Skill Classification
  • Time interval for DA
  • Wage Periods and Compliances Payment of Wages & Deductions
  • New Definition of Employee / Worker
  • Definition of Wages
  • Inclusion  |  Exclusion
  • Conditional Inclusions
  • Overtime
  • Equal Remuneration
  • F & F
  • Regular Compliances by Employer

Social Security Code & KA Rules

  • Change in Payment of Maternity?
  • Nomination under Gratuity
  • Payment of Gratuity Processes
  • Employee Compensation – What is New?
  • BOCW – Cess
  • Impact of Wage Definition
  • ESI & PF – What Next?
  • Regular Compliances by Employer

OSH & WC Code & KA Rules

  • Provisions for Employee / Worker
  • What is new for Factories?
  • Impact of CLRA | ISMW | BOCW| Motor Transport Workers in the Code
  • Annual Health Check | Appointment Letter | Experience Certificate
  • Health | Safety | Welfare
  • Appointment of Welfare Officer | Safety Officer | Medical Officer | Teacher
  • Regular Compliances by Employer

Industrial Relations Code & KA Rules

  • Digitization of Compliances
  • Constitution of Works Committee Grievance Redressal Committee
  • What is new in Trade Union Provisions
  • Negotiating Union and Negotiating Council
  • What is New in Certification of Standing Orders?
  • Notice of Change | Re-skilling Fund | Strike | Lock-out | Notice | Retrenchment | Lay-off
  • Regular Compliances by Employer