The Government is focusing on prompt implementation of the New Labour Codes and Rules and working on phased implementation of these codes in FY 2022-23.

As many as 28 States and UTs have finalised draft Rules, including the state of Maharashtra.

The Government of Maharashtra has issued a notification for the Draft Rules on the following dates-  

  • Code of Social Security Rules, 2021 on 27 August, 2021  
  • Code on Wages (“Draft Rules”) on 03 September 2021  
  • Industrial Relations Code (“Draft Rules”) on 03 December 2021 
  • the Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions (Labour) Rules, 2022, on 18 July 2022

With the onset of notification for implementation of Codes by Central Govt and Rules by respective State Governments, industry should be ready for implementation of the Codes. Accordin gly, it is right time for us to carefully observe the provisions of the Codes & Rules and plan for the implementation of the Codes in letter and spirit for due compliances.

The present program intends to specifically chart out the changes proposed in each Code along with Rules and understand its applicability and enforceability in our organisation and plan for changes in HR Policies and Compliance process to align ourselves with the provisions of New Labour Codes.

Course Objective

  • Understanding the recently passed (1) Codes on Wages, (2) Code on OSH& WC, (3) Code on Industrial Relations and )4) The Social Security Code.
  • Key changes proposed in each Code and key provisions of the Codes.
  • Understanding industry specific requirements under each code for proper and timely implementation of the Code
  • Understanding the New Labour Codes and affecting changes in
    • Wage & Salary structure and wage components
    • Internal HR Policies
    • Compliance requirements
    • Employment Policies ( Fixed Term employees/ Contract Labour)
  • Understanding the Maharashtra State Draft Rules under (1) Codes on Wages, (2) Code on OSH& WC, (3) Code on Industrial Relations & (4) The Social Security Code.
  • Developing an Actio n Plan for adoption of changes of New Labour Codes.
  • Key provisions of Codes on Wages, Code on OSH, IR & Social Security.
  • Highlights of Code on Occupational Health, Safety & Working Conditions 2019 with Draft Rules with respect to Contract Labour.
  • Key provisions of Code on Industrial Relations 2019 and Rules thereof.
  • Changes in IR Code for change of service conditions and Retrenchment
  • Proposed Code on Social Security – 2019 and key provision under Rules
  • Concept of Social Security for Gig-workers
  • Key provision of Code on Wages – 2019 and Draft State Rules
  • Understanding Definition of Wages and devising a compliant wage structure/ Wage components
  • Comparative study of changes proposed in Codes and its implications.
  • Devising Action plan for implementation of Labour Codes and strategizing for changes in HR Policies and Compliance Process.