The current market being volatile and extremely competitive, managers are required to be adept at conducting Performan ce Appraisals. The key to a successful performan ce review lies in the ability of managers to give constructive feedback on employee performan ce. It is also important for the manager to get the buy-in of subordinates to willingly work with the manager towards reaching future goals. With evaluations necessitating such dynamic skills, the need for

Key Areas to be covered :

  1. Describe the Appraisal Process
  2. Describe Performanc e Management 
  3. Goal Setting and Smart Goals
  4. Appraisal Roles HR and Line Managers
  5. Some Appraisal Tools
  6. Explain and illustrate the problems to avo id in appraising performan ce.
  7. Perform an effective appraisal interview with their direct report  
  • Performan ce management, the tools and their benefits 
  • Detailed Appraisal Process 
  • Principles of effective performan ce appraisal discussions 
  • Organisation’s performance appraisal process 
  • Goal Setting and Smart Goals 
  • Structuring and introducing the appraisal meeting 
  • Appraisal Roles – HR and Line Managers 
  • Appraisal Tools 
  • Evidencing performan ce 
  • Questioning, listening and giving feedback 
  • Explain and illustrate the problems to avoi d in appraising performan ce. 
  • Perform an effective appraisal interview 
  • Reviewing internal performan ce appraisal documentation 
  • Providing follow up to the appraisal and frequency