Date Time No. of Days Fees (Inclusive Taxes)
17/11/2023 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM 1 3835

POSH for ICC Members

Prevention of Sexual Harassment for Internal Committee Members


The POSH Act is a step towards eliminating sexual harassment towards women by creating awareness of having a secure workplace and emphasizing equal rights in the workplace.

Complete implementation and compliance of the POSH Act is mandatory to ensure a safe and congenial work environment for women and thus increase their participation in all sectors.

In this POSH Training you will Learn how to

  • Conduct Sexual harassment inquiries 
  • Draft the Inquiry report
  • How to send notices to witness for the inquiry procedure
  • Conduct Awareness programs for the organisation
  • Draft the handbook for ICC members
  • Maintain the confide ntiality and independence of the ICC members
  • Draft the annual ICC Annual report

Course Content

Internal Complaints Committee

  • Composition and term of office of the internal complaints committee.
  • Role & Responsibilities of internal complaints committee.
  • Drafting Inquiry Reports
  • Related laws for understanding responsibilities as civil court.
  • Understanding concepts such as Evidence, Summons.
  • Understanding formal & informal complaints and complaints mechanism including timelines.
  • Handling of complaints (things to keep in mind).
  • Sensitive interviewing.
  • Different scenarios faced & Process of Inquiry to be followed.
  • Recommendations to be given.
  • Challenges faced by internal complaints committee.
  • Importance of confidentiality and no retaliation.
  • Statutory Reporting.
  • Understanding other related laws and best practices to be followed so that the law can be implemented most effectively with the fairest redressal mechanism
  • Drafting ICC Annual Reports

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