A hybrid of Python fundamentals and hands-on learnings in the application of Python, this program teaches you how to connect to APIs, scrape data from websites, and access and analyze large volumes of data efficiently and effectively.

Python Fundamentals Part 1

  • Review Evolution and Purpose of Python
  • Understanding Your Development Environment
  • Customizing Your Command Line and Practicing Command Line Prompts
  • Start Building a Mental Map of Python Concepts
  • Practice Coding with Basic Python Scripts

Python Fundamentals Part 2

  • If Statements
  • Else and Elif Statements
  • Logic Structures
  • Lists
  • For Loops

Python Fundamentals Part 3

  • Understanding the Role of Dictionaries, Functions, and Import
  • Practice Writing Code for Dictionaries and Functions
  • Refactor Code for Efficiency and Simplicity

Intro to Pandas in Python

  • Intro to Data in Python
  • Review of Jupyter
  • Data Without Pandas
  • Panda Series Data frames
  • Columns and Rows
  • Reading Data

Analyzing Data with Python

  • Filtering Data
  • Editing Data frames
  • Data Hygiene: Duplicated and Missing Values
  • Combining Data: An Introduction
  • Combining Data: Choosing the Kind of Join
  • Combining Data: Two Warnings
  • Combining Data: Ensuring You’re Not Missing Anything
  • Constructing Full Orders in the New York restaurant group case

APIs and Web Scraping with Python

  • Explore Examples of APIs
  • Use Python to Connect to an API
  • Develop an Understanding of HTML and How Web Scrapers in Python Pull Information from a Page

Applying APIs and Web Scraping

  • Loading Nutrition Data
  • Understanding the Structure
  • Scraping the Data
  • Joining It All Together
  • Connecting to Weather API
  • Creating Weather Dataframe
  • Intro to Aggregating Data

Tying It Together

  • Advanced Data Aggregation
  • Aggregating with Time
  • Making Pretty Plots
  • Final Project