Date Time No. of Days Fees (Inclusive Taxes)
24/02/2023 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM 3835

Raising Funds


Raising funds is the first and most critical requisite for every businessman / startupreneur, it is needed to kick start and/or scale up a business. Every businessman /startupreneur need to know the basics of finance and/or valuation techniques to determine how much funds need to be raised or shareholding to be diluted. They also need to get acquainted with the documentation process to negotiate the term sheet or loan documents and safeguard their business interest.

Hands-on workshop to learn the technicalities and practicalities of fund raising process. The participants will also get an opportunity to hear and interact to understand the key nuances of fund raising including challenges and other implications.

Course Objective

  • When to raise funds, how much to raise, and from whom
  • Design a sound financing plan to take care of future requirements
  • Identify lenders/investors who can support
  • Identify  and understand the decision process of the investors/lenders and their selection criteria

Preparing for Funding

  • Identifying your need – How much do you need? Mapping the startup lifecycle with investment needs or understanding what a business needs
  • Getting ready with Business Plan/Project report
  • Fund Raising Plan -When, How and from Whom
  • What you should know while raising funds- The pros and cons – PE/VC funds and Banks/Institutions
  • Check your business readiness – What a lender/ investor look for before investing in business


Key Legal Issues, Investment Deal Negotiation & Documentation

  • Sanction Terms of Debt
  • For Equity – Key terms in term sheet
  • Board composition for start ups
  • Negotiation of term sheet
  • Deal structuring
  • Exit clauses


Valuing Start-ups & Early Stage Companies

  • Various Valuation Methods used
  • Challenges in valuing or pricing startups & early-stage companies
  • Planning for exit/becoming debt free
  • Preparing for investors exit or repayment of loans