Closing the sale can be a challenging task, even at the best of times. There’s always a chance that you’ll lose out to the competition. Your prospect could ask for a price you can’t deliver, or they’ll postpone their decision for a more suitable time.

No matter how impressed they are with your demonstration, there’s always the risk that they’ll back out. So how can you ensure that you go into every closing conversation confident of a close? Using the right words and techniques will go a long way in helping you close more deals.

In this workshop our renowned faculty will help you learn how to research your prospects’ company or offerings and set expectations before heading into a closing call, how to pitch the solution, not the product and handle any objections, and how to ask for the sale and arrange the next steps for your buyer.

Course Objective

  • Closing is the ultimate goal of every sale.
  • How to recognize and capitalize on buying signals.
  • How trial closes, used early and often during the sales process, yield more results.
  • How to employ a variety of closing techniques depending on the customer’s response and the nature of the interaction.
  • How to react if the customer is still not ready to buy.
  • How to follow up on each sale to ensure customer satisfaction and preserve the sales relationship.
  • Prerequisites for Closing the Sale 
  • Barriers to Closing 
  • Sales Negotiation
  • Why Closing is so Hard 
  • Closing Starts at the Beginning of the Sale 
  • Gaining Customer Commitment Through the Sales Process 
  • Opportunities for Closing 
  • When to Close 
  • Buying Signals 
  • Trail Closing 
  • Aiding the  Process 
  • Closing Different Customer Types 
  • Closing Techniques 
  • Overcoming the Objections 
  • The Follow-up Call