This course will provide sal es executives comprehensive understanding of consultative selling skills, from starting conversations with clients to navigating the current challenges faced by salespeople. They will be better equipped to engage clients in meaningful conversations, identify their needs and provide effective solutions that meet those needs, and adapt their selling approach to changing market conditions.

It will also provide practical tools and techniques that they can use to build trust, identify customer needs, and provide effective solutions that meet those needs. It will also cover consultative selling strategies for complex sal es cycles, where multiple decision-makers and stakeholders are involved in the buying process.

Course Content:

Becoming the Best in Consultative Selling

  • The mindset of top consultative sellers
  • Developing a deep understanding of your product, your industry, and your customers
  • Building a network of industry contacts and thought leaders
  • Continuously learning and updating your skills through training and professional development
  • Leveraging technology and data to gain insights and improve performan ce
  • Providing exceptional customer service and follow-up

Starting Conversations with Clients

  • Importance of first impressions and rapport-building
  • Effective ways to introduce yourself and your company
  • Asking questions to open up the conversation
  • Listening for cues to identify the client’s needs and interests
  • Identifying potential areas of common interest

Understanding Customer Needs

  • Techniques for active listening
  • Asking open-ended questions
  • Identifying the customer’s pain points
  • Identifying the customer’s desired outcomes
  • Developing an understanding of the customer’s business

Building Trust

  • Understanding the importance of building trust
  • Developing rapport with customers
  • Building credibility through expertise and knowledge
  • Managing customer expectations

Developing Solutions

  • Identifying potential solutions
  • Prioritizing solutions based on customer needs
  • Developing a value proposition
  • Communicating the value proposition to customers

Sal es Negotiation

  • Sal es dialogue scripting, Sal es cal l opening, Countering buyer’s tactics; objection handling and Cal l closure
  • Developing scripts for various conversations
  • Negotiation Strategies – BATNA, ZOPA, WAP
  • Techniques of Negotiation

Handling Objections

  • Common objections in consultative selling
  • Techniques for handling objections
  • Overcoming objections and closing the sale

Addressing Current Sal es Challenges

  • The changing landscape of sal es and the impact of technology
  • Strategies for dealing with increased competition
  • Overcoming objections related to pri ce and value
  • Building trust in an age of skepticism and information overload
  • Understanding the impact of social media and online reviews on the sal es process