Overcome Hiring Challenges


Hiring is on the rise and competition for skilled employees is steeper than ever. Companies are under a multitude of pressures to effectively manage their talent, build a pipeline of future leaders, and reduce employee turnover.

Recruiting in this day and age is a challenge, indeed. It’s getting more so with leaner teams and leaner budgets – but with the same expected results. This workshop covers some of the most common recruitment challenges that you may be facing at work – and tips on how you can overcome them.

The course gives the understanding as how to establish a concrete talent acquisition strategy. Unlike recruitment, talent acquisition entails a deeper understanding on the nature of your business and the diverse work segments within a company. You will learn how to use key metrics to conduct proper tracking and analysis for making better hiring decisions.

  • Identify effective planning, recruitment, and selection practices
  • Determine current workforce needs with an eye to future changes and skills that might be needed
  • How to transform social media into your best recruiting tool
  • Develop a hiring plan that maximizes your likelihood of a good hire
  • Simplification of online application process
  • Hurdles: how much is too much?
  • Look across sectors and occupations.
  • Conduct interviews that yield good decision-making data while energizing applicants
  • Make appropriate hiring decisions
  • Contrast “pay for potential” with “pay for performanc e”
  •  Choose pay-for-performanc e elements to attract and retain key talent and superstars
  • Global trends’ impact on talent acquisition
  • How to overcome challenges in Recruiting