Tendering can be an extremely difficult, off-putting and stressful process. Seeds for a successful contract are sown at the tendering stage itself and hence it is necessary to be clear on fundamentals of Tenders, Bids and Contracts along with the Risk perception.

It is crucial to buyers that bidders understand what is being asked of them and deliver in their responses accordi ngly, which seldom occurs. This course not onl y gives suppliers helpful hints and tips and expert guidance but a fresh perspective on their tendering approach.

After decades of working in tender-related activities on both the buyer and the supplier side of the table, the faculty will cover all aspects of tendering, bids and contracts. This workshop will help you to refine, streamline and organise your Tendering and Bid endeavours. 

Course Content 

  1. Tenders and Contracts parameters :
    1. Legal
    2. Commercial
    3. Managerial
  2. Critical Elements of Tenders, Bids and Contracts :
    1. Payment Terms
    2. Modes of Payment
    3. L/C 
    4. Liquidated Damages
    5. Variations
    6. Force majeure
    7. Limitation of liability
    8. Evaluating & Managing risks
    9. Risk mitigation at tendering stage
  3. Construction of Contracts
    FIDIC and INCOTERMS, standard templates- FIDIC and INCOTERMS, salient features, uses
  4. Tendering Practices:
    1. Invitation for bids
    2. Tendering process- IFB, NIT, GCC, SCC
    3. Bid Preparation & Evaluation- taking deviations, non-responsiveness clauses, pricing strategies
    4. Team work and group dynamics
  5. Effective Negotiations skills:
    1. Negotiating on Terms, Pric e and Requirements
    2. Preparation Strategies for Value Creation
    3. Negotiating Multiple issues simultaneously
    4. Developing your BATNA
    5. ZOPA