Its easy to assume that training is always a good investment but thats not always the case. And when it is a good investment, there are often multiple options, some of which will be more effective than others. But how do you figure out when your learning and development activities are good investments?

This workshop equips participants with a comprehensive framework to help them assess the impact of training on employees in their organisation.

The course is centred on the following topics:

Session 1

  • Understand Business connections to T&D
  • Understand Capacity Capabilty Equation
  • Understand Integrated Approach to Learning
  • TNI/ TNA Process
  • Sources of Learning needs

Session 2

  • Competencies and Competencies Frameworks
  • Identifying knowledge and skill gaps
  • Prioritizing the gap fulfilment requirements
  • Understand how to carry out a training needs analysis
  • Write and use a learning development plan

Session 3

  • Designing objectives based training
  • Identifying appropriate solutions
  • Increasing transfer of learning – Learning Styles
  • Increasing learner engagement

Session 4

  • Deliver return on investment in training
  • Overview of the evaluation process
  • Developing objectives at Kirkpatricks four levels:
  • Linking needs assessment with evaluation
  • Philips MODEL
  • The ROI Methodology model

Session 5

  • Developing an evaluation strategy
  • Working with hard and soft data – Training Analytics
  • Results-based process
  • Improved value from training
  • The cost of not doing it